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National Dog’s Day – My Song For Vivien

Songwriter’s tip: if you haven’t yet written a song for your doggie, you’d better get busy. It’s National Dog’s Day. I thought I’d share my song “Vivien” in honor of our own puppy. Natasha Blasick and I perform this song with our band Snowflakes. Here’s the link to the streaming track:



Vivien enjoying her song on National Dogs Day


Ladies Of Tampa Submitted For Oscar Consideration

Ladies Of Tampa has been submitted for Oscar consideration. It’s a first for me and a real thrill. Even just being submitted. Many thanks and props to my co-writers Matthew McConaughey and Frankie Pine. This cute little song was so fun and easy to create.

I was on set when Matthew McConaughey performed the song. It was a big deal for me. He had to breathe fire right in the next shot. But I had a buzz all day just from watching our song get filmed.

Matthew can hit some really low notes.  For me to sing it, I have to transpose it from E up to A. But since I don’t really have ladies in Tampa it hasn’t been much of an issue.

Music really is some kind of fun.

Magic Mike – Ladies Of Tampa

I had the great pleasure of co-writing a song, “Ladies Of Tampa”, with actor Matthew McConaughey. Matthew performs the song on camera in the movie. It also appear in the end title credits and on the soundtrack album. It was a lot of fun and a big thrill to be part of this movie.

Magic Mike opens in theaters on June 29, 2012.

The Mayan calender predicts a big disturbance in the year 2012. This might be it!

Billboard reveals track list for the soundtrack album:


Hail to the travel guitar

This guitar has seen a lot of places, been stuffed many times into my suitcase and lost some apparently non essential parts. The tuning is spotty. The tone is abrasive. The feel is callous.

But this good friend has patiently been available for my every whim, not minding long waits in the back of the car. We’ve written, roughly guessing, fifty or so songs together. We’ve enjoyed vacations in a number of countries including Italy, Costa Rica, Ukraine & Poland. We’ve jammed countless songs in the car at the oddest of locations. Once it demanded a new tuning peg. Sweetly it accepted the odd sized replacement. Even now it allows tuning of the B string with needle nosed pliers without absolutely digging in its heels for a shiny new non matching peg.

Presently we wait somewhere… for some reason. We will tune up and play. The unlikely place makes it seem, somehow, quite normal.


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