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Tightening The Script

Spending a bit of time today working on the script for sexwithghosts. It’s a micro-budget poltergeist horror movie starring my better half, Natasha Blasick, and written, directed and scored by yours truly. This is going to be a lean, mean little horror tale. Still, there must be words on the page in the form of a script. It’s all in my head. Major parts are in the computer.  Seven songs are already recorded. But, until there’s a full script there won’t be a full movie.

There’s a goal of having at least part of it ready to screen at the Blood And Babes Comic Con in Long Island, NY Sept 12-14. Natasha and I will be there for three days of meeting new friends and Natasha signing autographs as us sharing the word about our movie.

Movie Poster Of sexwithghosts Starring Natasha Blasick

Ladies Of Tampa Submitted For Oscar Consideration

Ladies Of Tampa has been submitted for Oscar consideration. It’s a first for me and a real thrill. Even just being submitted. Many thanks and props to my co-writers Matthew McConaughey and Frankie Pine. This cute little song was so fun and easy to create.

I was on set when Matthew McConaughey performed the song. It was a big deal for me. He had to breathe fire right in the next shot. But I had a buzz all day just from watching our song get filmed.

Matthew can hit some really low notes.  For me to sing it, I have to transpose it from E up to A. But since I don’t really have ladies in Tampa it hasn’t been much of an issue.

Music really is some kind of fun.
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