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Owl vrs. Lark

By nature I’m an owl. It’s easy to stay up late, get inspired and go to bed as the sky is turning back on. Time and experience has forced me to admit, though, that the early bird gets the worm. So at 9am that alarm goes off. Laugh if you’re a lark. I want to get some morning productivity just like you. Maybe squeeze in a workout. I just have to remember to go to bed before 4. It’s the right thing to do. I know that. It just doesn’t feel natural.

I’ve got about half of the lyrics written. There’s meeting in the afternoon to be follwed by a composing job with a tight deadline. Rush rush. This morning sounds like a great time to track some vocals for WS.

Peace, Love and Understanding

There’s a track ; – )

(C) 2007 Edward Uken

There’s that moment before writing where there’s absolutely nuttin’ forming in my head. So, today I’m strumming. Nothing. Some chords are starting to come. The only thing I can think of is the the title. This one’s gonna be called Wednesday’s Song to kick off this whole endeavor. Seems fair enough? Funny how it is but deadlines are a great way to get inspired.

The tune came. And I put together a template just for this collection. Yeah, it’s going to probably change from tune to tune. But it made me feel good and put me in the mood.

Added the drums. The real thing, baby. No library loops on this project. Added the bass and some . Tomorrow I’m hoping to find some words…

Missed my own gig.

(C) 2007 Edward Uken

How dumb was that? It was traffic near the that held me back an hour. Well that’s it for live gigs for awhile. Time to concentrate on the 1rst Wednesday’s Song. 4 days to go. I’m already tempted to pull something old out of my hat. But, the focus is on coming up with something totally new and fresh. Spontaneity over refinement. It took 5 years to complete the Statica CD. So I know I can fall into the trap of .

So, how do you like my new promo pic? It’s for , the guitar company that endorses me. I’m cradling the Royale. Truly it’s the first guitar I’ve ever owned that goes back and forth between jazz and rock with no change in the way it feels. It’s not pricey and I love it.

The Birth Of Wednesday’s Song…

… or thanks and a shout out to who has inspired me to start posting songs every week. Jonathan is a singer-songwriter who has acheived internet superstardom viia his “” project that entailed him posting a new song every week for a year. Please check him out. He’s got a serious fan base that he earns every day.

As for me, I’m wanting to share some of my work as a singer-songwriter. I’m playing tonight at the Spring Street Smokehouse in downtown L.A. Jonathan makes his songs available using a license which means you can pay or not or use the song to make a video with. It’s pretty cool. So the batch of Wednesday’s Songs is gong to be like that.

See you on the internet.

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