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Love’s Sweet Abyss – A Song Thirty Years In The Making

How long does it take to write a song? In this case it was over three decades. I found a lead sheet I’d written in college when moving recently. There was a nice start to the first eight bars, but after that the tune really fell apart. Plus at the time I’d written the original tune I had no idea I’d ever be writing lyrics.

The first few bars kept ringing in my ear. It frustrated me how bad the other bits were. One recent night I was strumming and humming and singing, and it all came together. It’s like a new song to me even though the first eight bars mostly survived. There’s no such thing as a bad song. Only a song that hasn’t been completed. There’s almost always a worthy germ of an idea in even the worst of songs. This one is feeling done…or is it?

Love's Sweet Abyss by Martin Blasick

Love’s Sweet Abyss by Martin Blasick

Charm And Pizazz – Lead Sheet

Charm And Pizazz is a frothy Rat Pack-ish mid tempo swinger I wrote with my jazz trio, Hollywood Rhythm Kings, in mind. Give it a read through.

Lead sheets are the tried and true way to “record” one’s song. I used to be more lazy about making lead sheets. Over time I’ve seen the error of my ways and revel at how great a tool it is for communicating. Rock and rollers usually do things more by ear. But it’s easy to forget lyrics or chords if a song gets moth-balled for a while. The age old method of notation is hard to beat.

Charm And Pizazz


The Network

It was wonderful to spend a day on the set of The Network as Wayne the pianist. The show is really some sharp television. Jeff Daniels had a serious chunk of dialogue to work with. It was an all business set. Lots of tasty craft service too.

I had worked with Jeff Daniels indirectly on Dumb And Dumber providing the pre record and guitar and choir vocals for Mockingbird, the song he and Jim Carey sang in the doggie mobile. Their characters stopped and picked up migrant workers who mimed the background vocals. But I digress. That was a completely different kind of show :-)

My appearance on The Network is season 3 ep 3


Ladies Of Tampa Submitted For Oscar Consideration

Ladies Of Tampa has been submitted for Oscar consideration. It’s a first for me and a real thrill. Even just being submitted. Many thanks and props to my co-writers Matthew McConaughey and Frankie Pine. This cute little song was so fun and easy to create.

I was on set when Matthew McConaughey performed the song. It was a big deal for me. He had to breathe fire right in the next shot. But I had a buzz all day just from watching our song get filmed.

Matthew can hit some really low notes.  For me to sing it, I have to transpose it from E up to A. But since I don’t really have ladies in Tampa it hasn’t been much of an issue.

Music really is some kind of fun.
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