Tightening The Script

Spending a bit of time today working on the script for sexwithghosts. It’s a micro-budget poltergeist horror movie starring my better half, Natasha Blasick, and written, directed and scored by yours truly. This is going to be a lean, mean little horror tale. Still, there must be words on the page in the form of a script. It’s all in my head. Major parts are in the computer.  Seven songs are already recorded. But, until there’s a full script there won’t be a full movie.

There’s a goal of having at least part of it ready to screen at the Blood And Babes Comic Con in Long Island, NY Sept 12-14. Natasha and I will be there for three days of meeting new friends and Natasha signing autographs as us sharing the word about our movie.

Movie Poster Of sexwithghosts Starring Natasha Blasick

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