“Hollywood Rising” – Song For Hollywood Gateway Sign

I’m thrilled to have contributed a song to a little piece of Hollywood history. There’s a smaller Hollywood Sign, not the world famous sign in the Hollywood Hills, but a vertical, thirty foot tall sign on a triangular park at the intersection of Cahuenga Blvd, Franklin Ave & Wilcox welcoming visitors into the area. On April 22, 2015 there was a lighting ceremony for the sign. I performed my song “Hollywood Rising”, which honors the sign with Kerry Crutchfield on drums. Together we make up two thirds of our long time trio, Hollywood Rhythm Kings.

Performing Hollywood Rising at the lighting ceremony for the Hollywood Gateway Sign

Performing Hollywood Rising at the lighting ceremony for the Hollywood Gateway Sign


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Rehearsing “Hollywood Rising” with Kerry Crutchfield on drums:

Tightening The Script

Spending a bit of time today working on the script for sexwithghosts. It’s a micro-budget poltergeist horror movie starring my better half, Natasha Blasick, and written, directed and scored by yours truly. This is going to be a lean, mean little horror tale. Still, there must be words on the page in the form of a script. It’s all in my head. Major parts are in the computer.  Seven songs are already recorded. But, until there’s a full script there won’t be a full movie.

There’s a goal of having at least part of it ready to screen at the Blood And Babes Comic Con in Long Island, NY Sept 12-14. Natasha and I will be there for three days of meeting new friends and Natasha signing autographs as us sharing the word about our movie.

Movie Poster Of sexwithghosts Starring Natasha Blasick

sexwithghosts – Main Title Song

This is the main title song for the horror movie Natasha Blasick and I are creating. Somehow, some way we’re planning on completing the film on time to screen sexwithghosts at the Blood And Babes Con this Sept 12-14 in Long Island. Two more songs are nearly ready and a forth is written. It is very fun to play with the macabre sonic garden.

For this song Natasha and I formed a side project called Wtch & Wzrd. There will most likely more songs from Wtch & Wzrd as the this movie develops.

Charm And Pizazz – Lead Sheet

Charm And Pizazz is a frothy Rat Pack-ish mid tempo swinger I wrote with my jazz trio, Hollywood Rhythm Kings, in mind. Give it a read through.

Lead sheets are the tried and true way to “record” one’s song. I used to be more lazy about making lead sheets. Over time I’ve seen the error of my ways and revel at how great a tool it is for communicating. Rock and rollers usually do things more by ear. But it’s easy to forget lyrics or chords if a song gets moth-balled for a while. The age old method of notation is hard to beat.

Charm And Pizazz


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