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National Dog’s Day – My Song For Vivien

Songwriter’s tip: if you haven’t yet written a song for your doggie, you’d better get busy. It’s National Dog’s Day. I thought I’d share my song “Vivien” in honor of our own puppy. Natasha Blasick and I perform this song with our band Snowflakes. Here’s the link to the streaming track:



Vivien enjoying her song on National Dogs Day


Snowflakes performs with Once Upon A Time:Rock Opera at ComiCon 2016

My awesome band Snowflakes performed as the live “orchestra” at ComiCon 2016 in San Diego for a mulitmedia screening of Once Upon A Time: Rock Opera, a feature length film for which I was the music producer. It’s rock opera parody of the ABC Television series Once Upon A Time. Natasha Blasick kicked ass learning the bass parts and all the cues. Before the movie we performed a reworking of the theme from Hamilton. Funny stuff and a great time.


Went through my library to find something quirky for a pitch. Not sure if this is what’s being sought, but had fun going through songs and listening to previous work and remembering the writing and recording sessions.

The Sex Trip

I’m thrilled to have written/produced 16 songs for the feature film “The Sex Trip“. By coincidence, my wife Natasha plays the role of Alexa in the film. We got separately booked on this movie several months apart. Also, it was a great pleasure to bring her in to sing the song “If You’re Feeling Sexy” (#10 on the playlist below). That was my doing.

The Sex Trip – 16 songs – written/produced by Martin Blasick

Love’s Sweet Abyss – A Song Thirty Years In The Making

How long does it take to write a song? In this case it was over three decades. I found a lead sheet I’d written in college when moving recently. There was a nice start to the first eight bars, but after that the tune really fell apart. Plus at the time I’d written the original tune I had no idea I’d ever be writing lyrics.

The first few bars kept ringing in my ear. It frustrated me how bad the other bits were. One recent night I was strumming and humming and singing, and it all came together. It’s like a new song to me even though the first eight bars mostly survived. There’s no such thing as a bad song. Only a song that hasn’t been completed. There’s almost always a worthy germ of an idea in even the worst of songs. This one is feeling done…or is it?

Love's Sweet Abyss by Martin Blasick

Love’s Sweet Abyss by Martin Blasick

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